Wondering how to fix a dent on your car or SUV? The reality is that even though it may “appear” to be a small issue, it can expose your vehicle to corrosion and rust which makes for a much bigger job in the future.

Getting to the dent
Know that our specialist has to gain access to the area between the body and frame to pull out most dents. This initial process can be time consuming.

Was the paint damaged?
If the dent hasn’t hurt your paint, paintless dent repair is typically very affordable and done fairly quickly. In most cases, Auto Pro can have your vehicle in and out of the shop in a matter of days.

Where should you go for the repair?
You normally can choose from three types of businesses, each having pros and cons.

Dealerships: Use these if your vehicle is a high-end model or under warranty. Some sensitive repair jobs require manufacturer-specific tools that only dealers have. Be prepared to spend, as this is typically the most expensive option.

Large franchises: Places like MAACO are known for producing quality work and having access to the latest technology. However, these types of businesses tend to treat customers as “another number” and their costs tend to be higher due to franchise fees and the like.

Car Body Repair Shops: These typically are the least expensive, and most of the time, you’ll get higher quality workmanship and a more personal experience.

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